Инструкция на S45-2 (English)

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Do not use impact wrench.

• Check floor for stress cracks near anchor bolts

• Check hydraulic oil level.

• Check and tighten bolts, nuts, and screws.

• Check cylinder pulley assembly for movement or excessive wear on cylinder yoke or pulley pin.

• Check cable pulley for free movement and excessive wear.


• Lubricate chain

• Grease rub blocks and column surface contacting rub blocks

• Change the hydraulic fluid - good maintenance procedure makes it mandatory to keep hydraulic

fluid clean. No hard fast rules can be established; -operating temperature, type of service, contamination levels, filtration, and chemical composition of fluid should be considered. If operating in dusty environment shorter interval may be required.

The following items should only be performed by a trained maintenance expert .

• Replace hydraulic hoses .

• Replace chains and rollers .

• Replace cables and sheaves .

• Replace or rebuild air and hydraulic cylinders as required .

• Replace or rebuild pumps / motors as required .

• Check hydraulic cylinder rod and rod end (threads) for deformation or damage .

Relocating or changing components may cause problems . Each component in the system must

be compatible ; an undersized or restricted line will cause a drop in pressure . All value , pump , and

hose can be used to clean fittings and other components . However , the air supply must be filtered and dry to prevent contamination . Most important - cleanliness - contamination is the most frequent cause of malfunction or failure of hydraulic equipment .


1. Motor does not operate :

A . Breaker or fuse blown .

B . Motor thermal overload tripped . Wait for overload to cool .

C . Faulty wiring connections ; call electrician .

D . Defective up button call electrician for checking .

2 . Motor functions but lift will not rise :

A . Apiece of trash is under check value . Push handle down and push the up button at the same time . Hold for 10 -15 seconds . This should flush the system .

B . Check the clearance between the plunger value of the lowering handle . There should be 1/16” .

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