Инструкция на TECO 91-93 (англ.)

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- To prevent unauthorised use of the machine, always disconnect the mains plug when the machine is not used (switched off) for extended periods of time.

- If the machine is connected directly to the power supply by means of the main electrical panel and without the use of a plug, install a key-operated switch or suitable lock-out device to restrict machine use exclusively to qualified personnel.

For correct and safe operation, the machine must be suitably earthed.

NEVER connect the earth to a gas pipe, water pipe, telephone line or other makeshift system.



Everything involved in the compressed air hook-up should only be done by specialised


- Hook-up to the shop compressed air circuit should insure a minimum pressure of 8 bar. Lower pressure could compromise the correct performance of pneumatic equipment.

- The machine is fitted with a universal connector and therefore no other special or additional fitting is called for. A high pressure rubber air hose (int. dia.6 mm; ext. dia. 14 mm) should be pushed all the way onto the connector and secured with a screw clamp supplied in the machine kit.

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