Инструкция на TECO 91-93 (англ.)

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- lower the castor wheel (G fig.4) located on the left side of the machine by turning the two relevant knobs (H fig.4) counter-clockwise.;

- stow the wheel lift in its rest position (locked);

- move the machine using handle B, fig.4.

To lift the machine insert the forks of a pallet truck or lift truck under it so that the c/c centre is roughly aligned with the right side of the cabinet (fig.2). Alternatively you can place the machine on its original pallet, secure it using the original fixing devices and then lift the pallet, again using a pallet truck or lift truck.


Never apply force to the spin shaft when moving the machine.


Take the utmost care when unpacking, assembling, and setting up the machine as described in this heading.

Failure to observe these instructions can lead to damage to the machine and injury to the operator or other persons.

Remove the original packing once you have positioned it as shown on the outside and keep it intact for possible future transport.

Choose the place of installation in strict observance of local regulations regarding safety in the workplace.

If the machine is to be installed outdoors, it must be properly protected by a canopy roof.

Ambient conditions in the place of operation:

- relative humidity from 30% to 95%

- temperature range from 0°C to +55°C

The machine must not be operated in explosive atmospheres.

Place the machine in the chosen position and make sure the surrounding space is commensurate with the minimum clearances indicated in figure 3.

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