Инструкция на TECO 91-93 (англ.)

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The purpose of this manual is to furnish the owner and operator of this machine with a set of practical and safe instructions for the use and maintenance of the balancer.

The following paragraphs define the levels of danger regarding the machine associated with the warning captions found in this manual:


Refers to immediate danger with the risk of serious injury or death.


Dangers or unsafe procedures that can cause serious injury or death.


Dangers or unsafe procedures that can cause minor injuries or damage to property.

Read these instructions carefully before powering up the machine. Conserve this manual and all illustrative material supplied with the machine in a folder near the balancer where it is readily accessible for consultation by the machine operator.

Adhere to the contents of this manual: the operator declines all liability in the case of actions not specifically described and authorised in this manual.


Some of the illustrations in this manual have been taken from photographs of prototypes; the standard production model may differ slightly in certain respects.

These instructions are for the attention of persons with basic mechanical skills. We have therefore condensed the descriptions of each operation by omitting detailed instructions regarding, for example, how to loosen or tighten the fixing devices on the machine. Do not attempt to perform operations unless properly qualified and with suitable experience. In case of need, please contact our nearest authorised Service Centre for assistance.


- The balancer packaging consists of a carton box and pallets.

- Before installation the balancer must be transported in its original packing by inserting the forks of a pallet truck or lift truck in the relevant channels in the pallet, making sure that the machine is maintained in the position indicated on the outer packing (fig.l).

- Machine packing dimensions

• length 1330 mm;

• depth 750 mm;

• height 1090 mm;

- Shipping weight (with supplied kit): 170 kg

- Ambient conditions in place of storage:

• relative humidity between 20 and 95%

• temperature from -10° to +60°

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