Инструкция на TECO 91-93 (англ.)

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Status messages

CAL |GO] Calibration spin

GO Alu Spin with ALU program selected

St Static balancing selected

CCC CCC Unbalance values are greater than 999 grams for a car wheel or 1990 grams for a

truck wheel.

End Sp 1 End of 1st calibration spin.

End CAL End of calibration routine (end of 2nd spin)

ALt ALt Key p has been pressed to interrupt signal acquisition.


This check permits you to make sure that wear and tear has not altered the mechanical tolerances of flanges, cones, etc. beyond certain specific limits.

A perfectly balanced wheel, removed and remounted in a different position, must not give unbalance greater than 10 grams for a car wheel or 100 grams for a truck wheel.

If the unbalance is higher check all the accessories carefully and renew any items that are dented or worn such as bent flanges and so on.

Always remember that if you are using a cone to centre the wheel on the shaft, perfect results can never be obtained if the centre hole in the rim is not perfect, i.e. off-centre or out of round; in such cases better results will be obtained when the wheel is centered with the rim holes.

A last important point: any difference between the way the wheel is mounted on the car and on the balancing machine will result in a degree of unbalance. This can only be corrected by on-vehicle balancing with a finishing balancer to complement the work of the fixed balancing machine.


The following list indicates a series of possible faults that the user can remedy if the cause is among the various alternatives suggested. In all other cases it will be necessary to request the intervention of your nearest service centre.

The machine fails to switch on and the master switch indicator lamp is not lit

No power at electrical socket

^ Check that mains power is present

^ Check the efficiency of the electrical system in the tyre shop The plug on the machine power cord is faulty

^ Check the plug and renew it if necessary

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