Инструкция на TECO 91-93 (англ.)

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The indications in this table are of a general nature. They are designed as a guideline for the user. The applications of each type of extinguisher will be illustrated fully by the respective manufacturers on request.


The machine is able to recognise various error states and machine statuses, which it communicates to the operator by means of display messages.


Error messages

Err CAL Calibration error.

Run the calibration program.

Er3 CAL An error has been generated during execution of the calibration program.

Make sure you have fitted the correct standard weight and then repeat the program.

Er4 CAL Attempt to calibrate the machine using a wheel with excess unbalance.

Balance the wheel (or at least reduce the unbalance) and repeat the calibration program.

Err 7 The machine cannot currently activate the program requested.

Run a spin cycle and repeat the request.

Err 13 Attempt to perform calibration with incorrect wheel- machine distance.

Repeat calibration after fitting a spacer ring to alter the distance or use a different wheel.

Err 28 Encoder error.

If this message appears frequently contact your service centre.

GO Err Acquisition of non-repetitive signals during a spin.

Make sure that the machine is resting properly on the floor and repeat the spin taking care not to jolt the machine during signal acquisition.

Err 16 Motor temperature too high.

Wait before attemping to perform another wheel spin operation (do not turn off the machine) (only TECO 93)

Alu Err Incorrect wheel data have been input for an ALU program.

Correct the data.

Spd Hi Spin speed is too high.

Allow the wheel to decelerate and the message will automatically disappear.

Rot Err Wheel has been spun in counter-clockwise direction.

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