Инструкция на TECO 91-93 (англ.)

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- Handle cones and flanges with care to avoid the risk of dropping them and causing damage that would affect centring precision.

- When not in use store cones and flanges in a place where they are protected from dust and dirt.

- Keep the wheel lift ways clean to facilitate sliding and lifting movements. Do not oil or grease the ways.

- The pressure limiter/filter has a semi-automatic condensate drain system. This device opens automatically whenever the compressed air supply to the machine is interrupted.

Condensate must be drained off manually (button A, fig.16) when the level is higher than the mark X (fig.13).

- Use ethyl alcohol to clean the level window.

- Calibrate the machine at least once every six months.


If the machine is to be scrapped, remove all electrical, electronic and plastic components and dispose of them separately as provided for by local legislation.


When choosing the most suitable fire extinguisher consult the following table:

Dry combustibles Water YES

Fuam YES

Dry chemical YES*


YES* Use only if more appropriate extinguishers are not on hand and when the fire is small.

Inflammable liquids

Water NO

Fuam YES

Dry chemical YES


Electrical fires

Water NO

Fuam NO

Dry chemical YES


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