Инструкция на TECO 91-93 (англ.)

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This is the default balancing mode when the machine is switched on.

- Input the wheel data correctly.

- Spin the wheel.

For best balancing results do not subject the machine to mechanical stress while it is processing the unbalance signals.

- Wait until the wheel is automatically braked and displays A and В (fig.7) will show the unbalance values for the inside and outside of the wheel respectively.

- Choose the side you intend to balance first.

- Turn the wheel to the position indicated by the corresponding LED (C or D, fig.7).

- Brake the wheel by pulling the brake lever (E, fig.4); this will facilitate application of the weight.

- Fit the specified weight at the 12 o’clock position.

- Disengage the brake by pressing the brake lever.

- Repeat this process for the other side of the wheel.

- Make a test spin to check the accuracy of balancing. If you do not find it completely to your satisfaction, change the amount of the weight and its position following the suggestions given in the “balancing check diagram” (fig.11).

Don’t forget that especially when the unbalance is large, aslight error (a degree ortwo) in positioning the balancing weight can produce high residual unbalance (5-10 g for car wheels and 100 g for truck wheels).

- Input the diameter (static balancing does not require width and distance data).

- Spin the wheel

- Wait until you hear the beep indicating that signal processing has been terminated and then brake the wheel. The static unbalance value is shown on display В (fig.7).

- Turn the wheel to the position shown on indicator D, fig.7.

- Brake the wheel by pulling the brake lever (E, fig.4); this will facilitate the successive application of the weight.

- Place the weight as indicated at the 12 o’clock position on either side or at the centre of the rim channel.

If you decide on the rim channel, remember that the diameter is less than the nominal and for good results, when you input the diameter value make it 2 or 3 inches less than the nominal value.

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