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figure (or in ounces if the default setting has been changed to this).

When the machine is set up for car wheels, normally the unbalance will be displayed in units of

5 grams rounded up or down to the multiple of 5 nearest to the real figure (or in quarter ounces if the default setting has been changed to this).

In these instances the effective threshold is signalled by the "Thr” LED lighting up on the display panel.

Press p to eliminate the threshold (the "thr” LED goes out) and the unbalance figures are displayed:

- in units of 10 grams (or half ounces) if the machine has been set up for truck wheels;

- in units of 1 gram (or tenths of an ounce) if the machine has been set up for car wheels.

p can be used to toggle between the two display modes.


When the wheel is correctly clamped with the spinner the operator causes it to rotate by applying force to the spinner knobs (fig.10).

The correct direction of rotation, observing the wheel from the spin position, is clockwise. If the wheel is spun counter- clockwise the message "Rot Err” will be displayed.

During spin acceleration the position indicators will illuminate progressively to inform the operator that the wheel is approaching unbalance measurement speed; when the speed is reached the unit will emit a beep.

Once balancing speed has been reached stop spinning the wheel and allow it to coast so that the unbalance values can be read.

If the wheel is spinning too fast the message "Spd Hi” will be displayed and the machine will start measurements only when the message disappears.

To ensure the maximum precision of results do not subject the machine to mechanical stress while it is processing unbalance signals.

Wait for the beep that indicates the termination of measurement computations.

Brake the wheel using the brake lever (E, fig.4) located at the front of the machine.

Now clamp the wheel in the position indicated by the machine to facilitate the application of weights. Pull the lever to release the brake.

To avoid the risk of clothing or fingers getting caught up in the spinner arms during acceleration, move clear of the spin position as soon as you have released the spin knob.

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