Инструкция на TECO 91-93 (англ.)

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- set the wheel lift in its fully extended position using the relevant handle (A, fig.6);

- roll the wheel onto the lift platform (C, fig.6);

- raise the wheel by setting the control lever (B, fig.6) to UP, until the centre hole is aligned with the spin shaft;

- push the carriage toward the balancer so that the spin shaft enters the centre hole. If you are using the stepped flange the centre hole must be properly aligned with the most suitable step.

To ensure accurate centring do not lower the wheel lift before the wheel is properly clamped.

- Secure the wheel using the relevant counter flange (or cone) and the spinner;

- release the brake by pulling the brake lever;

- lower the wheel lift by setting the control lever to DOWN and then push it back to its rest position (fully retracted) so that it is well clear of the work area during the spin cycle.

Wheel demounting

- Bring the wheel lift to its fully extended position by pulling the relevant handle (A, fig.6);

- raise the wheel lift by setting the control lever (B, fig.6) to UP until the lift platform is in contact with the tyre.


At this point raise the lift platform (C, fig.6) a fraction more so that it takes a little of the weight of the wheel to adjust for the slight dropping at the time that the wheel is released from the spin shaft caused by the small amount of give in the pneumatic lift cylinders.

- Release the wheel by removing the spinner and the counter flange or the cone;

- pull the carriage outward until the wheel is clear of the spin shaft (so that it can be lowered);

- completely lower the wheel lift using the DOWN control lever;

- roll the wheel off the lift platform;

- push the wheel lift in so that it is properly stowed (home position).


Turn on the machine with the master switch on the left hand side of the cabinet (F, fig.4).

After the beep and the lamp test, the machine is ready to receive the wheel data.

Figure 7 shows the display panel with reference letters:

A Inside plane display (left)

В Outside plane display (right)

С Inside plane position indicator

D Outside plane position indicator

E Keys and leds for selecting and displaying available programs

F Key and led for input of wheel data

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