Инструкция на TECO 91-93 (англ.)

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Main operating components (fig.6):

A Carriage movement handle В Lift/lower lever С Lift platform

The wheel lift incorporated in the balancing machine serves for fast and fatigue-free mounting/ demounting of truck wheels weighing up to 150 kg. For correct operation the compressed air supply pressure must be at least 8 bar. This circuit has a pressure regulator filter (L, fig.4) settable to a maximum value of about 10 bar.

It is strictly prohibited to attempt to alter the pressure setting of the relief vales or the pressure limiter.

The manufacturer declines all liability for damage if the valves have been tampered with.

The utmost attention is required during horizontal movement and lifting to avoid the risk of crushing hands or feet.

During horizontal movements and lifting, hold the wheel in position with one hand to stop it falling.

Wheel mounting

- Fit the correct stepped flange or the distance ring for cones depending on whether you intend to centre the wheel using a flange or a cone;

- push lever E, fig.4, to engage the shaft brake (this will make the successive stages easier);

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