Инструкция на TECO 91-93 (англ.)

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Failure to observe these instructions and the relative danger warnings can cause serious injury to the operator and others. Do not power up the machine before you have read and understood all the danger/warning/attention notices in this manual.

This machine must be used only by qualified and authorised personnel. A qualified operator is construed as a person who has read and understood the manufacturer’s instructions, is suitably trained, and is conversant with safety and adjustment procedures to be adhered to during operations. Operators are expressly forbidden from using the machine under the influence of alcohol or drugs capable of affecting physical and mental capacity.

The following conditions are essential:

- the operator must be able to read and understand the contents of this manual;

- make sure the operator has a thorough knowledge of the capabilities and characteristics of this machine;

- keep unauthorised persons well clear of the area of operations;

- make sure that the machine has been installed in compliance with established legislation and standards;

- make sure that all machine operators are suitable trained, that they are capable of using the machine correctly and that they are adequately supervised during their work;

- do not touch power lines or the inside of electric motors or other electrical equipment until the power has been disconnected and locked out.

- read this manual carefully and learn how to use the machine correctly and safely;

- always keep this user manual in a place where it can be readily consulted when working with the machine and consult it whenever you are in need of confirmation or explanations.


Do not remove or deface the safety Danger, Warning or Instruction decals. Replace any missing or illegible Danger, Warning or Instruction decals. Missing or damaged decals can be obtained at your nearest authorised dealer.

- When using and carrying out maintenance on the machine observe the unified industrial accident prevention regulations for high voltage industrial equipment and rotating machinery.

- Any unauthorised alterations made to the machine automatically release the manufacturer from any liability in the case of damage or incidents attributable to such alterations. Specifically, tampering with or removing the machine’s safety devices is a breach of the regulations for industrial accident prevention.

During work and maintenance operations, do not wear ties, loose fitting clothes, necklaces or wristwatches and any other articles that could become entrapped by moving parts. Tie back long hair or cover with a scarf or a cap.

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