Инструкция на Mega T1,5H-T1,5H D-T2-T2 D-T2X-T3 (англ.)

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2.3. The wheel of the jacks should always rotate freely .

2.4. These jacks are fitted with a foot pedal that gives a faster approach to the load .

2.5. For lifting, move the handle up and down using the full stroke range of the piston for greater speed (2). Secure the lifted load as an esseantial safety measure with an appropriate axle stand .

2.6. Before lowering, lift the vehicle to remove the axle stands, ensuring that there are no persons or obstacles under the vehicle to be lowered. Pull

the handle and turn it clockwise .

2.7. Our jacks are fitted with a safety device LCS that functions automatically and offers smooth and uniform lowering.

2.8. Once the vehicle has been lowered release the handle and it will automatically return back to the initial position.

Important: Both the maintenance and repair of the jack may only be performed by qualified persons, who have sufficient knowledge of the hydraulic systems used in these devices as a result of their training and experience.

3.1 Keep the jack clean and lubricate all moving parts at regular intervals (5), which must be clean and protected from aggressive conditions at all times.

3.2 Only original spare parts should be used.

3.3 Prior to each use, check for bent, broken, cracked or loose parts and solve the problem, if appropriate. If it is suspected that the jack has been

subjected to abnormal loads or has suffered any knocks, withdraw it from service until the problem has been rectified.

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